To connect creative people,

who develop together,

to inspire the future.


What do you desire? What makes you itch? What sort of a situation would you like?

These questions, posed by the late philosopher Alan Watts, define the drive of Du Nord Projects at its very core. It is these questions that we want to ask you.

Our goal is to help creative people flourish in their passions. We want you to live your most beautiful life in which you follow your dreams and achieve your goals.


We have developed a creative ecosystem that allows us to help you by any means possible. By connecting with Du Nord Projects, you will connect with other creative people and have the opportunity to develop yourself and to develop together. With the digital set-up we have created we make things easier for you and your goals. By using our creative hub you will continuously have access to our online marketplace.
Our Branding & Marketing Framework is specifically designed to develop your brand identity and core values. Additionally, you get support and consultancy from industry professionals, and you can engage with other creative people.


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