Creatubator is the digital ecosystem supported by Du Nord Projects, and acts as a multi-vendor platform for creative talent.

We have developed Creatubator for the sole purpose to build bridges for talented people that don’t have the resources or connections to start building their own business. Our main objective is to help you establish a reputation, network and turnover-capacity so that in 1-2 years you can proudly say: “Hey guys, thanks for everything! I am ready to make a next step in my life and career and am starting my own, independent business as a proud creative entrepreneur”.

What does the Creatubator platform offer you:

  • A free, easy-to-use, webshop environment with your own product upload page;
  • Useful insights in sales data, visitor statistics and turnover capacity;
  • The opportunity to connect with other vendors, buyers and industry professionals via the Creatubator Community;
  • Sales & Marketing support by Du Nord Projects.


How does it work?:

  • You register online via this link;
  • Carefully read the Terms & Conditions* and agree with the T&C when you register your profile;
  • Complete your profile;
  • Upload your products and/or services into your own webshop environment;
  • Ready, set & good to go!


  • By agreeing to the T&C, you agree to a 25% commission fee on all your sales via Creatubator and the Du Nord Projects website. This commission fee is a compensation for the services we offer you such as a free webshop, a creative community, sales & marketing support and other services we deliver. There is a monthly pay-out of your sales after deducting the commission fee.
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