FAQ for Vendors

You launched an improved shipping management for Creatubator. How do I work with that?

As of March 2019, we did a significant upgrade for vendors in terms of shipping management. Following are the most important, and most-used, steps to work with:

  • Add or Edit Shipping Methods in the Vendor Dashboard
    Vendors need to navigate to Store→Vendor Dashboard→Settings→Shipping.
    From here, a vendor can add shipping methods by clicking on Edit or Add Shipping Method.
    A new page will open.
    From here vendors can choose to limit zone location for his customers and also add new shipping methods.
    To add shipping methods, vendors need to click on Add Shipping Method and select one from the drop-down.

    In this way, vendors can add unlimited shipping methods. By hovering over the shipping method, vendors can edit and delete. And the toggle button can be used to enable/disable a shipping method.


  • Create your own Shipping Policy Settings
    The latest feature added to the shipping settings of Creatubator is the ability to add the shipping policy and processing time. A vendor now can set his own shipping policy and shipping processing time for the customers. Just simply click on the policy settings tab on the top right corner marked shown in the image below to manage the shipping policy settings.
  • Creating different and multiple flat rates for each shipping zone
    Each Shipping Zone can have different(and multiple) Flat Rates if you wish.1. To make changes to a shipping method, vendor needs to click Edit.2. Vendor can change the Title if he wants to or keep it as default. This title displays to customers in checkout.3. Next he has to add the Cost (this is applied to the entire cart).

    4. Select its Tax Status (define whether or not tax is applied to the shipping amount).

    5. You can also type a Description for this method if you prefer.

    5. Click on Save Settings.

    How this will look like in the buyer’s cart

The new shipping management for vendors looks great, but a bit difficult. Can you show me some more details?

Is it possible to work with specialised shipping classes per product and include local pick-up?

Yes this is possible but has not been implemented yet as we find it not an absolute priority and might create more questions. If, however, you feel it is crucial for your business just let us know and we will get to work!

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