Video by Evander Candelaria
The Core:

For the Terramar Museum on the island of Bonaire, we were asked to redesign and enhance the Brand Experience. By digging deeper into the Terramar Museum’s roots and understanding how the foundation was seen and experienced both internally and externally, we were able to restructure the brand identity based on one, simple question: Why and how does the Terramar Museum want to (re)present Caribbean history & knowledge to the people?

The Practice:
  • Redesigning and enhancing the Brand Experience;
  • Improve the Internal Brand Health;
  • Develop the Business Model for internal and external Brand Experience;
  • Clarify the Customer Journey and Consumer Experience;
  • Develop Branding & Marketing Guidelines;
  • Develop online & offline Turnover Strategy.
The Result:

One of the key elements in which the Terramar Museum has now quickly distinguished itself, is the connection with the local communities. For a museum specialised in Caribbean history and cultural knowledge, the value of ancestral storytelling by elderly locals has been rediscovered and efficiently tapped into. Additionally, the museum now plays host to various regional artists who have their arts & crafts on display thus connecting and collaborating with various generations on a new level. Recent developments have led to a new appreciation of the Terramar Museum by both locals and tourists, making the museum a must-see tourist attraction when you are visiting the island of Bonaire.