Sometimes you truly wonder why the art world has so many hidden gems…

When I launched the Creatubator platform at the end of 2018, it was my intent to discover creative talent who really deserved a platform for their unrecognised works. There is so much raw and untapped talent out there, that I find it hard to believe that many gallery owners focus on just one or two specific styles or a select group of known artists. But still, this is the case in the creative industry and a growing concern as it forces many talents to take up projects that aren’t related to their passion or ending up at jobs that kill their entire creative spark.

Thus, making a change became a goal in itself and resulted in the development of the digital platform Creatubator. With the realisation of the platform a new challenge came knocking at my door: recruiting unknown, creative talent.

Inspiring feelings
Girl vs. World

One of the first artists that was interested in learning more about the Creatubator set-up was the wonderfully gifted Solveig, who runs her own business known as Sue Art Studio.
During my endless searches on social media, I was lucky enough to spot some of the work done by Solveig and quite quickly we connected and met for a drink to discuss the whole idea.

Meeting Solveig was everything I hoped for and you might wonder, why?
In front of me was sitting a woman who decided to make a change for herself by becoming a fulltime, independent artist and making a living with her art.

Her entire story was exactly what I was looking for in creative talent: passionate artists who are willing to take a different route to achieve their goals. Not focusing on getting connected with the “in-crowd” of the art world but focusing on getting their work to the people who truly appreciate and value their skills and character.

Raw talent at an early age

“My mom once told me that my kindergarden teacher said to her: That girl’s talented, make sure she always has the materials to draw and sketch”, Solveig mentioned during one of our meet-ups.

Growing up in The Netherlands and being stimulated by her parents, Solveig always had the opportunity to develop her creative skills. Learning to draw existing models for a start, and making objects from various everyday materials, she grew towards the level where she is now: a self-taught artist who is able to put her inspiration to canvas:

“Much of my inspiration is born from a certain feeling. I make images, paintings, that reflect those feelings and showcase freedom, growth and dreams. So it’s mainly positive inspiration that I try to bring across in my art”.

What I found most inspiring is how Solveig discovered her true purpose with her art and passion, and the tools she uses to show her freedom, passion and emotion:

“The past year, for me, was a year that was all about breaking free, to follow my dreams and my heart and being able to show myself. In 2017 I started as an independent artist after having experienced a very stressful period in life, and with the help of a coach and a mindfulness trip I rediscovered myself and started to climb my own mountain again. Much of these emotions have shaped my works, using it as a tool to express myself through my work.

Defying gravity
Hoping for change

With this new year already well on its way, Solveig set very clear goals for her to achieve:
“The past year was all about becoming an independent artist, to try it out and to survive (yes, also financially). Now I am determined to grow in each and every aspect: As an artist and person who continues to develop her own signature style but also in a more practical way, by expanding my network and attracting more followers in order to do more art projects”.
And this is exactly what I value so much in people, the willingness to go out there and make a change for yourself and for others!

Solveig’s personal journey can be seen as one of great inspiration for those who are at a crossroads in their own (creative) life. Talking about how she hopes the world will look like in a few years, for herself and for those around her, she was very clear and decisive:

“I truly hope more and more people will dare to follow their heart and their passion instead of always making the safest choice and oblige to society’s standards. When more people are happy in life, happy with what they do and who they are then I believe there will eventually be less frustration, less anger and less intolerance”.

“Be good to yourself and to the world around you and don’t let fear hold you back to make the next step”!

The climb 

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