Have you ever wondered how it would be to feel inspired every day?

Imagine not just any world but your world. Imagine how your world would look like. What would be your ideal world? Who are the people you surround yourself with? Why do you go to work every day? How do you make a difference for yourself and others, day in and day out? What do you desire?

I’ve asked myself these questions many times over the past years and it took a great deal of mental strength, willpower and persistence to get to where I am today, achieving my goals one step at a time.
By visualising where I wanted to go in life, and for which specific reasons, I found my way to the top of my mountain.

My journey began in 2014, when I decided to quit my job in Belgium at the time and move back to The Netherlands. I just finished reading one of the most inspiring books ever, Start with Why by Simon Sinek, and it got me thinking: Why am I not living a life driven by inspiration and passion?

I made the choice to reset my life and my career, finding a new job at a company that allowed room to grow and change my attitude towards life and everything I did or did not do at the time.
The following years I made big steps in getting my financial mess in order, climb the ladder in my career and started building my own company. I also found peace in my personal life, becoming thankful for where I am in life and cherish the beautiful moments life allows me to experience.

I was growing, waking up inspired to go to work every day and feeling the pressing urge to do more for others.

But it wasn’t until 2017 that I truly found my purpose.

The Mountains

Acting on a life-long wish to see the Northern Lights, I embarked on a journey deep into the mountains of Norway where I would find all that I hoped for, and more.

The tranquility I found up high in the mountains, the absolute and total silence everywhere, the refreshing winds and pure air…
These ingredients seemed vital to discovering my purpose in life and allowed me to visualise my goals more clear.

My mind kept giving me impulses on where I should move towards, constantly telling me that I should build a platform for those who aren’t in the position to work with their talent.
It were so many impulses, ideas, thoughts and spitballs flying through my head, that I needed to put my pen to paper and let my mind scribble away to create order in my enthusiastic chaos.


I visualised an environment in which people of all sorts are given the space, time and tools to work with their talent and focus on their craft. In a society that is overly focused on inner-circles, money and status, it has become increasingly difficult for those who are not this privileged to rise up and build a name for themselves.
It felt like it was time to make a change.

Now I am not a man of vast resources, but I am a man of vast creativity.
So, instead of acting as an incubator to finance and facilitate a creative hub for talent, I had to improvise and innovate to get to the place I wanted to go.

Putting my goals to paper, I knew exactly what I wanted to achieve and the road towards these goals became more and more clear along the way.
My main goal was to build a creative platform for talent who don’t have the resources or know-how to start up their own business, to build a bridge for those who are extremely talented in their craft but lack the commercial talent to turn it into a brand.

By facilitating a digital platform that operates as a webshop, community and brand development hub, I believe it is possible to do more for others. A digital ecosystem containing all the ingredients needed to turn your talent into a self-supporting brand by offering your own webshop, a community intended to connect and co-create, consulting by industry-professionals and guidance in the fields of branding & marketing.
A place where you can go to and build your brand, even when you don’t have the time or knowledge on how to run a webshop or market your brand.

Slacking off

Now this is the part where you come in.
I don’t want you to become this person who just got their degree and realises they can’t get a job doing what they love. Don’t become this person who starts working at a random bar or whatever to pay the bills, neglecting your passion and eventually end up forgetting what it was all about. Because it was, and still should be, all about you. Don’t be the person who, 20 years from now, will say: Damnit, I wish I did things different! I wish I found a way to make my passion and my talent work for me! I wish, I wish, I wish…

Don’t be a slacker! Wake up and start doing what you love, day in and day out. Get inspired, inspire others, inspire the world and yourself.
We are here to make it easier for you, and we are here to do this together.

Now tell me,

what do you desire?

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You are very inspiring. I hope people will follow their dreams after reading this blog. It’s worth while.

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